WHO should direct contact interventions target?WHO should direct contact interventions target? Research on sexual risk behaviours and needs suggest that all MSM HIV prevention programmes should over-serve:

WHAT are the aims for MSM?WHAT are the aims for MSM? Men have unmet needs if they are unaware of HIV or STIs, ignorant or misinformed about them, disempowered in sexual relationships or activity, or ill-equipped to take protective action, including condom use. Men are also in need if they have no access to educational or clinical services, or they have access only to poor quality services.

WHAT are we trying to change?WHAT are we trying to change? Influencing behaviours requires clarity on which behavioural choices are important to individual men. MiC argues that the relevant choices concern:

  • Choice 1: STI screening before the next sex partner.
  • Choice 2: Taking anti-retroviral treatment if diagnosed with HIV.
  • Choice 3: Declining or defering sex.
  • Choice 4: Telling sexual partners about HIV / STI status.
  • Choice 5: Monogamous or open relationships.
  • Choice 6: Having sex other than anal intercourse.
  • Choice 7: Using a condom and lubricant for anal intercourse.
  • Choice 8: Ejaculation outside the body.
  • Choice 9: Avoiding poppers during receptive anal intercourse.
  • Choice 10: Swiftly seeking post-exposure prophylaxis.